Estate speed limit (30KM/H)

The issue of speeding in the Estate continues to be in the spotlight and is of a major concern to our community. The number of daily incidents has indicated a rise in the incidence of speeding over the past few months and unfortunate if one is to believe in statistic’s it’s only a matter of time before we will have a recordable incident likely to significantly impact a family in this community.
We urge all residents living within the estate and current owners building, to become involved in their community and to actively monitor and report vehicles travelling in excess of the 30km/h speed limit imposed on all our estate roads. The following procedure is proposed when a resident has identified a speeding vehicle which is a non-confrontational approach:

  • Note the vehicle colour and make
  • Registration Number
  • Date & Time
  • Road being traversed
  • Stand number
  • Photograph

The above details should then be forwarded to . Following receipt of the offender, the following procedure will be initiated:

  1. If a resident or property Owner, the access card will be cancelled,
    • It will only be reactivated on visiting the EEM office and receiving a verbal warning of the transgression.
    • Should the same person transgress the speed limit for the 2nd time, the access card will be deactivated and a written warning will be issued and accompanied by a R 250 penalty for breach of Estate Rules. The Access card will be reactivated on proof of payment of penalty.
    • Continued transgressions will result repeat penalties being levied.
  2. Should Visitors or Contractors/Suppliers/Delivery services be identified as speeding, security has the right to stop the vehicle concerned and if necessary delay exit from the estate.

The CCHA is in the process of procuring suitable calibrated speed enforcement equipment and the training of 2 security guards to operate this equipment and issue penalties in line with breach of estate rules and regulations.
We have an obligation to keep our families, our pets and the estates variety of wild and indigenous animals safe. Should other road safety transgressions be noted, please also report such incidents.

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