Guideline for Refuse Removal – Pikitup

Domestic Refuse is collected on a weekly basis by Pikitup who are permitted to drive under escort of our appointed security company through the estate collecting residents’ wheelie bins. Every street in the estate is required to be driven by Pikitup and residents are required to place their wheelie bins directly outside their property for collection.

The following is noted:

  • Owners are responsible for directly contacting Pikitup for the order and delivery of a wheelie Bin to their residence.
  • Weekly refuse collection is scheduled for CCHA on a Monday.
  • All wheelie bins must be clearly marked with their stand number.
  • On Collection day, residents are requested to place their wheelie bins in their driveway or verge directly outside their house.
  • All refuse and waste items must be placed inside the wheelie bin, no bags or boxes may be left next the wheelie bin as Pikitup will not collect this waste.
  • Wheelie bins are at all times to be stored inside the resident’s property out of public view.
  • Wheelie bins may be placed in driveways or immediate verges 24 hours prior to collection and must be removed and stored inside the property the same day as collection was conducted.
  • In the event of a delayed collection by Pikitup, wheelie bins may be left in driveway or immediate verge until collection has been undertaken or a notification issued by the CCHA Estate Manger to the contrary advising of alternative collections.
  • No wheelie bin may be placed on or near Cedar Boulevard (Main Estate Road), due to the visual impact on the estate and there are no stands or houses accessed from this road.
  • Wheelie Bins may not be hosed down or washed out and cleaned into the estate roads.

Residents are to please note the above and ensure that the guidelines are followed in terms of refuse collection. Failure to comply will result in the CCHA issuing relevant penalties for the following:

  • Refuse Not placed inside a Wheelie Bin and not collected – R400.00.
  • Wheelie Bins on collection day not placed in direct driveway or verge of house – R100.
  • Wheelie Bins placed in driveway or on verge prior to 24 hours before collection date – R100.
  • Wheelie Bins not timeously collected and placed inside the yard following collection – R100 plus the owners will be required to collect the wheelie bin from the Estate Management office.
  • Storing of Wheelie Bin outside of the residents property boundary walls – R100 plus the owners will be required to collect the wheelie bin from the Estate Management office

Residents are encouraged to take note of this guideline for the sake of maintaining the aesthetics of the estate at all times and to assist with the discouragement of attracting rodents, insects and pests.

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