Cedar Creek Estate Newsletter

Hi Cedar Creek Estate residents.

As you are all aware, there has been a lot of activity at Cedar Creek in the last few months. As the activity is increasing, so is the importance for us as a community to grow together to ensure we continue living in the beautiful estate we all bought into.

As with many estates, the amount of growth within Cedar Creek Estate has put the original infrastructure and services under pressure.  We are seeing this as a good thing as it gives us all a chance to contribute in the growth. It ensures we update and improve on the current infrastructure and it ensures we get the best teams in place to service Cedar Creek Estate to make it a sought after up-marking lifestyle estate. No doubt we will have teething issues. No doubt not all the infrastructure will be spot on perfect, but we will get there.

This newsletter has been created to highlight and communicate items with residents of Cedar Creek Estate. It will be a distributed every two months, and increased to monthly in the future.


Refuse Removal:

Domestic Refuse is collected on a weekly basis by Pikitup. Every street in the estate is required to be driven by Pikitup and residents are required to place their wheelie bins directly outside their property for collection. Weekly refuse collection is scheduled for Cedar Creek Estate on a Mondays.

Please Note: All wheelie bins must be clearly marked with their stand number, no bags or boxes may be left next the wheelie bin as Pikitup will not collect this waste. Wheelie bins are at all times to be stored inside the resident’s property out of public sight. Wheelie bins may be placed in driveways or verges 24 hours prior to collection and must be removed and stored inside the property the same day as collection was conducted, no wheelie bins may be placed on or near Cedar Boulevard (Main Estate Road) and wheelie Bins may not be hosed down or washed out and cleaned into the estate roads.

Residents are to please note the above and ensure that the guidelines are followed in terms of refuse collection. Failure to comply will result in the cedarcreekestate issuing relevant penalties.


The issue of speeding in the Estate continues to be in the spotlight and is of a major concern to our community. The number of daily incidents has indicated a rise in the incidence of speeding over the past few months and unfortunate if one is to believe in statistic’s it’s only a matter of time before we will have a recordable incident likely to significantly impact a family in this community.  We urge all residents living within the estate and current owners building, to become involved in their community and to actively monitor and report vehicles travelling in excess of the 30km/h speed limit imposed on all our estate roads.

cedarcreekestate is in the process of procuring suitable calibrated speed enforcement equipment and the training of 2 security guards to operate this equipment and issue penalties in line with breach of estate rules and regulations. We have an obligation to keep our families, our pets and the estates variety of wild and indigenous animals safe. Should other road safety transgressions be noted, please also report such incidents.


On a high-level overview of the estate finances, the cedarcreekestate Directors have recently appointed a new auditor to conduct the 2014 external audit. Further to this a new process on deposits have been implemented to assist the estate in keeping builders and owners accountable. The recovery of outstanding levies have been driven aggressively over the past few month to get estate into better financial condition. The Directors have taken a view and Tenders went out on various aspects of Cedar Creek namely Estate Management, Gardens and Security.


Whilst we are a developing Estate, domestic workers and stay home moms need to be vigilant re any suspicious activity around their homes with regards to workers on site. Please make sure your security is in order and don’t take chances by leaving doors open etc.  Should you experience any issues with contractors or workers, report these immediately to Davin at EEM so that the necessary action can be taken.

>Safety Tips For the Holidays

We are heading into a holiday period in April and many of us will be traveling. Below are some safety tips to consider for the holidays.
Advise your security company if you are going away and ensure that you supply all the necessary information regarding nearby key holders, in case of an emergency
Inform your neighbours of your holiday plans so that they can keep an eye on your property
Stop all newspaper deliveries and ask a friend or neighbour to collect your post. A bulging post box is a dead giveaway that you are not at home
If hiring a house sitter, ensure that you teach them how to use your alarm correctly
Double check that you have locked and secured all windows and doors before leaving home
Ensure that all your outside locks are a minimum of four lever locks or double cylinder security locks
Never leave a key in the inside of an outer door which has glass panels or glass near the door lock
Having security gates fitted on outer doors is a highly effective security measure that gives you an extra line of defense
Sliding doors can be secured simply by placing a piece of timber cut to size in the sliding rail. Make sure that sliding doors cannot be lifted vertically
Full fencing and sturdy gates are a good deterrent
Have good exterior lighting, preferably on a timer
Do not leave tools like ladders or spades outside, as they can be used to break into your house
Clear signage indicating that you have security also helps to discourage burglars

>Community Policing Forum (CPF)

Please be aware of the below list of suspicious motor vehicles and activities in the area from March until present:
BDR 621 GP: Silver Toyota Corolla with 2x black males involved in a business robbery at Olivedale Zenex garage.
VDN 78…: Kia Picanto with an unknown colour. 1x black male poured petrol without payment.
CN 24 ST GP: White VW Polo. 1x white male poured petrol without paying.
BS 41 CB GP: Audi TT of an unknown colour involved in theft out of motor vehicle at Monecasino.
CW 52 TY GP: Unconfirmed vehicle and occupants committed theft out of motor vehicle at Montecasino.
SMP 013 GP: Unconfirmed vehicle and occupants involved in theft out of motor vehicle at Douglasdale shopping centre.
ND 303 899: White VW Golf (mk4) used in a fraud incident.
CB 45 DM GP: Black BMW of unknown model involved in cellphone theft.
RDX 427 GP: White Toyota bakkie used by the suspect in a malicious damage to property incident.
CX 516 99: White Kia of an unknown model involved in common robbery along Cedar Road.
Maroon Toyota Corolla, reg unknown, involved in common robbery in Olivedale at the corners of Christo and Amsterdam roads.
Constable M. R. Dlodlo 7048328-1 SAPS: Douglasdale Sector 4 Manager

Gardens  Maintenance:

cedarcreekestate invited a few hand picked Garden Maintenance companies to tender for the cedarcreekestate gardens contract.  The Tender application closed on the 31st of March 2014 @ 10h00. A total of 3 out of 3 tender submissions were received and are in the process of adjudication. Following the adjudication process the successful tenderer will be awarded a 3 year contract. The intention is to have a new Garden Maintenance team on site by earliest 1 May 2014.  The visual impact and nature of the estate dams has been investigated by a specialist environmental company who has proposed various solutions. The Specialist company will engage with the cedarcreekestate Directors to determine scope of the work and effort required to create a sustainable regime and method of keeping the dams clear of weed growth.


There currently 60 freehold houses completed along with Jade hill’s sectional title scheme with almost 90 new houses under construction or in plan approval process. River Bush Willow Lane on stand 302 has launched its development of 43 sectional title units ranging between 2,3 and 4 bedroom options. This development is intended to be complete Mid 2015. New controls and regulations have been implemented with respect to the estate building process which engages the individual builder into a contract with the home owners association to build with due care and respect of the estate property and consideration of the residents living in the estate. The building controls will ensure greater implementation and adherence  to the estate guidelines while maintaining the overall aesthetic nature of the estate and ensuring owner investments are protected in the long run. Certain identified houses which do not conform to the Estate Guidelines will be requested to confirm to the current guidelines failing which the homeowners associations will implement a monthly penalty until rectified.

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