Estate Agents


  • An Estate Agent is accredited after paying the prescribed fee and signing an agreement with the Homeowners Association, that such agent will abide by the stipulated procedures applicable to the sale and / or lease of property in the Estate, and after having familiarised him / herself with the concepts, rules and conditions under which a buyer and / or lessee purchases and / or leases property in the Estate.
  • Accreditation of Estate Agents may be reviewed by the Homeowners Association from time to time, and an updated list of accredited agents will be available at the offices of the Estate Manager or Managing Agents.
  • Agents may only operate on a “by appointment” basis, and must personally accompany a prospective buyer and are not allowed to erect any “For Sale” signage.
  • Only standard “Show” boards approved by the Homeowners Association’s directors from time to time will be allowed.
  • All show boards are to be removed by 19:00 on the show day.
  • Boards found on stands after a show day, will be removed and impounded by the Homeowners Association.
  • An R500.00 fee is payable per Estate Agent (R250.00 refundable) on application.
  • A photo must be provided by the Estate Agent, to be fixed to the access card.
  • The fee mentioned in can be revised by the Board from time to time.


A copy of the Accreditation Procedure Document is obtainable from the Estate Manager or Managing Agents.


Click here to download the accreditation application and renewal form.

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